“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” Henry David Thoreau

I came upon yoga during a period in my life of change, growth and self-discovery; a search for the path to my true and authentic self.  By delving deep within a yoga asana practice, I began to uncover a shift within.

Yoga brought clarity of perspective to a life that was obscured by the events that each day brings. As stressors dissipated, I discovered that peace was accessible even when numerous distractions sought my attention. I found that goodness can pervade everything, wellness is within all of us, and that life is wildly beautiful in all its infinite complexity. Yoga has the ability to be transformative; physically, emotionally, cognitively.

In the belief that yoga has therapeutic benefits for all, my yoga studies were completed under Integrative Yoga Therapy, a comprehensive yoga methodology integrating the Kosha system for yoga based wellness.

Yoga was the lens that allowed me to shift perspectives and live a life of well-being, and it is from this space where I share the practice with others.

Always a student, traversing life through practice and intention.

Tesha Holso-Dahlenburg, RYT-200